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Thursday, December 1, 2011

police absolutely right by letting this elderly lady stay in her home.

Salute to these police and the movers. Tempuratures in the 30′s and raining outside, still 103 Vinia Hall and her 83 year old daughter were scheduled to be evicted. The Bank officials sent the police and the movers out to the home to evict the two elderly women. For the banks benefit I hope they didn’t know how old these women were. Ms Vinia Hall has lived at this house for 53 years, why does she still have a mortgage anyway ? Im sure the bank and Mrs Hall will come to some kind of agreement on this situation because its horrible public relations to kick two elderly women out on the street during winter time. Most of the times you see articles of post bashing the police but, people never support them when they do the right thing. In this case the police absolutely were right by letting this elderly lady stay in her home.

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