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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Maino Clarifies "King Of Brooklyn" Comments & Says "We All Kings"

Maino Clarifies "King Of Brooklyn" Comments & Says "We All Kings"

Maino says he didn't have Trinidad James robbed and that he is no longer interested in starring in a reality show.
Due to the title of Maino’s latest EP, King Of Brooklyn, the New York City emcee has been questioned a handful of times about the “king of Brooklyn” title and whether or not the title would be accepted by other rappers from his borough, including Jay Z and Fabolous.
While speaking with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club this week, Maino commented on the title and revealed that referring to oneself as a king is a state of mind, before adding that “we all kings.”
“I’m hearing a lot more New York City artists being played and that’s the whole thing…I promote New York unity,” Maino said. “I promote us standing next to each other being unified because we all in different lanes. I don’t sound like nobody. When you hear Maino you know that’s Maino. So, it’s no reason for me to hate on the next man. There’s no reason for me to try to make myself try to be bigger than him. Me saying ‘I’m the king’ is not to pedestalize myself…It’s not for me to pedestalize myself and then try to shit on the next man. It’s not about that cause king is a mindset. We all kings.”
Maino also addressed rumors involving fellow rapper Trinidad James being robbed of his watch while at an Atlanta club last month. The rumors began shortly after Maino posted a picture of someone wearing what was said to be James’ watch. In addition to posting the picture of the watch, the Brooklyn rapper also left this caption:
“Lol ain't this your watch brother? @trinidadjamesgg? Got caught slipping huh? At Prive, in Atlanta huh? Smh...damn homie...but since everybody else making up I might get that back for u lmao... #mrniceguy #handofgod #thebighomie #brooklyn #KOB #Feb4 lol hahaaaa”
While speaking with The Breakfast Club, Maino stated that he does not condone robbery and was merely trying to help James by posting the picture.
“I do not by any circumstances condone robbery,” he said. “I did not have anybody robbed. I’m not with that, okay? We out here making powerful music. You understand? I was trying to be helpful by saying, ‘You know what? Oh, this is what I heard. Is this it?’ Because maybe, maybe because I’m patched in. You see what I’m saying? I’m patched in with the right kind of people. Maybe I can help you. That’s all…I never heard nothing back, so I just left it alone. Cause then Hip Hop police, ‘Maino, you really got [it]?’ I’m like, ‘No, I don’t got nobody watch.’ I don’t have that. And I’m not condoning that. So, people I think they’re getting it misconstrued like I was a part of that and I really wasn’t.”
In addition to speaking on James and King Of Brooklyn, Maino revealed that despite talks, he won’t be starring in a reality television show anytime soon.
“They tried and it wasn’t right,” the rapper said. “And I’m cool. I don’t want to do it…It was going down, but they wanted—It was happening, but I just don’t like what it means, man. It’s like people forget what you do. Like my day job is cool. You know what I’m saying? I’m an artist. And I think a lot of times these artists get on there and then the money’s not even—doesn’t even change your life. It’s like why am I going to give up all this about my life and my love life. Cause that’s what they really want. They don’t even wanna know your pain and your ins and outs as a man. They wanna know about your love life.”
A rift between Trinidad James and Maino occurred following comments the Atlanta rapper made about New York City rappers in November of last year. Following James’ remarks, a recorded phone call between the two artists was posted online. During the phone conversation, Maino requested that the Atlanta rapper apologize for the comments he made.

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