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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

B-Low & J-Water "New Fly Spit"

B-Low & J-Water "New Fly Spit"

Screen shot 2014-03-30 at 1.30.10 PM
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Track List
1) Intro(New Fly Spit) Ft. B-Low and Q
2) Wiggle That There! Ft. J-Water and B-low
3) Push Ft. J-Water, B-Low, and B4tman
4) Who Got it. Ft. B-low, Vicky, J-Water
5) Keep it Low Key Ft. B4tman, J-Water, B-Low
6) In Alabama Ft. J-water, B-Low
7) Fly Round the World Ft. B-Low, J-water
8) Leave Me alone Ft. B4tman, J-water, B-low
9) My Old Lady Ft. B-Low
10) We so Fly Ft. Q, B-Low, and J-water
11) Mrs. Universe Ft. J-water, JJ, Meme
12) Brand New Fly Ft. J-water and B-Low
13) Make a Hit Ft. KB and J-water
14) Mr. Steal yo Girl Ft. B-Low and J-water
15) Put it on You Ft. B4tman, B-Low, J-water
16) Fresh Like Me Ft. B4tman,J-water,B-low
17) Tonight is the Night Ft. B-Low and J-water
18) Roll With Me Ft. B-Low and J-water
19) Outro(New Fly E.N.T) Ft. Q
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