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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Problem's Mollywood 3 (A Side)


Today, Independent Compton rapper and award winning producer and songwriter Problem teams up with to debut his brand new album, Mollywood 3: The Relapse (A Side) via Diamond Lane Music Group. Executive produced by Bryant "Fastlane" Lawson and produced and arranged by Problem, the 18 track project is Problem's followup to his acclaimed Welcome to Mollywood Part 2 with smash hit "Like Whaaat" and Welcome To Mollywood featuring fan favorite "Function" with E-40.

The Mollywood 3 project will be released in two sides: the first part releases today and the second part will be released Thursday, July 2nd in partnership with Tracklist for Mollywood 3 (A Side) included below.

"Mollywood 3 is what's needed right now," explains Problem. "I'm not satisfied with how the club, the streets, nor how the playlists in all the ladies cars sounds like right now. I'm inspired by DIAMOND LANE. I'm inspired by independence. So when I chose to do a double cd, but drop each side on two different days, the reason is as simple as this: because I muthafuckin can."

Also releasing today is the Mollywood 3 trailer featuring special footage from Problem's second annual 4/20 Smoke N Fresh event that sold-out the House of Blues Sunset Strip. Please check out the trailer below.

Earlier this week, Problem received an ASCAP songwriting accolade for his contribution to Rich Homie Quan's top 10 radio hit "Walk Thru." Fans can also catch Problem on Lil Jon's new single "Cutie Pie" alongside Snoop Dogg and T-Pain. DJ Holiday is also releasing today another Problem featured single "Let Me At Em" with Wale and French Montana. Lastly, fans can join Problem at the HARD Summer Music Festival on August 2nd and at the Rubicon Night Club in Las Vegas on July 3rd.

01) The Re-Arrival - Problem [Produced by Problem]
02) Relapse - Problem [Produced by Harley Mac Beats]
03) Big Boss Daddy - Problem feat. Bad Lucc [Produced by Yung Jr]
04) No More - Problem [Produced by Authentic]
05) Automatic - Problem feat. StoneyThaDealer [Produced by Problem]
06) Servin - Problem feat. StoneyThaDealer [Produced by Enimal, Problem, Authentic]
07) New Bitch - Problem feat. StoneyThaDealer, Bad Lucc [Produced by Problem]
08) Broke Down The Weed 3 - Problem [Produced by League of Starz, Authentic]
09) Shit Be Happenin - Problem feat. StoneyThaDealer, Bad Lucc [Produced by Problem]
10) Use 2 - Problem feat. Bad Lucc [Produced by Problem]
11) Feedback - Problem feat. Bad Lucc [Produced by Problem]
12) Make Me Say (AY YI YI) - Problem feat. Bad Lucc [Produced by Problem, Rey Keys, Authentic]
13) White Riviera - Problem feat. StoneyThaDealer [Produced by Problem, Qwest]
14) Still Mine - Problem [Produced by Salva]
15) #FindYouAMirror - Problem feat StoneyThaDealer [Produced by Qwest, Problem]
16) FTSOY - Problem feat. 12TIL [Produced by Duntae of 12TIL]
17) Finna Bust - Problem feat. Bad Lucc [Produced by Problem]
18) Enemy - Problem feat. Bad Lucc [Produced by Problem, Mars of 1500 or Nothin]

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