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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Judge Joe Brown Is Now in Jail

Judge Joe Brownbest known as the TV judge who presided over sneakerhead arguments and for getting shouted out on that Kanye track, turned himself in to authorities today to begin serving a five-day jail sentence.
Brown was arrested last year in Memphis, Tennessee on a charge of contempt of court after he  flew into a rage and became verbally abusive in a courtroom.
Brown was reportedly upset because he showed up to represent a client in a child support case and was told the court didn't have that case on the docket (audio here). 
Brown was sentenced to five days in jail. He appealed that sentence, and then lost the appeal. Brown was interviewed by a local news station as he arrived at the jail who asked how it felt to be arrested (via E!):
"You might have asked Nelson MandelaMartin Luther KingReverend [Joseph] LoweryStokely Carmichael," Brown said. "You might ask those people that just got arrested in Ferguson what it's all about. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do and stand up for justice."
Brown's TV show was canceled in 2013.

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