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Saturday, September 12, 2015

“slim jesus” White Rapper Who Went Viral On Youtube Found Dead

Ohio – A 18 Year Old Rapper “Slim Jesus” Who’s Video Went Viral On Youtube And Facebook Has Been Found Dead 4 Blocks From His Home
Slim Jesus became a national trend after his single blew up on YouTube “Drill Time”.  According to his mother who authorities talked to said he left home earlier that day saying he was gonna go “Fu*ck B*tchs and get high”.
Authorities also talked to his neighbor who said she witnessed a black SUV pulling up next to Rapper slim jesus. She said that slim talked to the driver of the SUV for about 5 minutes before getting in the back of the SUV. Approximately 20 minutes after seeing slim get in the back of the SUV 911 got a call saying there was a  body on the side of the road. When local Law Enforcement arrived at the scene he was already dead with 3 bullet wounds to the chest and stomach.

Slims Mom Also Had Something Else To Say To The Public 

Why would someone do this to my son he was a good boy he never did any of the bad things he said in his video!

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