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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

(OFFICIAL REMIX) Madonna - I Don't Search I find (Kidd Leow remix)

CLICK HERE to get the Kidd Leow remix of Madonna - 'I Don't Search I Find'

 Madonna - I Don't Search I Find (Kidd Leow remix)

 HUGE NEWS! When I got on the radio in 03’ I remember really giving it a lot of thought which artist I wanted to be my first song I ever played on the radio. At the time, James Bond had just come out & ‘Die Another Day’ was the single for the movie. Growing up I had always been a big fan and still am a huge fan of this artist. Fast forward to now, I get to say I have an OFFICIAL remix of ‘I Don’t Search, I Find’ by the ‘Queen of Pop’ MADONNA!!! I am beyond grateful that my remix got added to an already extremely talented group of producers. Thank you Citrusonic for the opportunity & most of all thank you Madonna!

Please feel free to add this to your DJ pool or email blast, I'd greatly appreciate it. The song has been encoded by media base. Thank you as always for supporting me.

- Kidd Leow
 Madonna - I Don't Search I Find (Kidd Leow Remix) 

CLICK HERE to get the Kidd Leow remix of Madonna - 'I Don't Search I Find'

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