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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Calling all artists breakaleg ent music live showcase

Forever Original

Since we can't go to live shows, we're bringing the spotlight to your screen with the newest weekly show, Constructive Criticism. Every week, Kosan of Break A Leg Ent. and Carvo Music of Forever Original along with special guests will go live on YouTube and review music from hip hop artists who submit their tracks for review.

We're asking all independent artists interested in having their music played live and reviewed by the hosts to submit their songs.

How it works: Your song or album is reviewed by a live panel with audience feedback. While the song is playing the audience will leave commentary and response in the live chat. After the song plays the hosts and the guests will rate the song from 1-5.


Fill out music submission form: .


Request to join the cypher or submit your music for review.



This week's episode included an album review of the Animal Crackas's new album "2020." The segment also included this week's special guests @docahk of #rockdahouse & @ayaksunlo of @flyspreadmasters



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Carvo Music

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